Need a ghostwriter?

you're in the right place.

Since 2010, I've worked with influencers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses 

to create authentic copy that sounds great.


  •  Webinar Scripts: Fix a broken webinar or create a new one from scratch.
  •  Course Lessons: Full-blown course or just some extra lessons.
  •  Emails: Sequences, one-offs, on-going nurturing, and more.
  •  Facebook Ad Copy: Long form ad copy is getting great traction with conversions right now. 
  •  Books and Ebooks: Quit letting your biggest project hold your business back.
  •  Blog Posts: Keyword-based, long and short, put them on autopilot.
  •  Content Repurposing: Take one piece of content and use it lots of ways.
  •  Content Strategy: You know you need content, but you aren't sure of the specifics yet.
  •  and more! Need something else? Let's talk about it!
With nearly a decade of professional writing experience and several years in digital marketing, my ghostwriting services have become nearly holistic in nature. I bring to the table my years of experience, understanding of strategy, and top-shelf abilities to create. In other words, I understand not only what you're trying to do with any given project, but why that's the path you've chosen and how it fits into your overall content strategy. 

For that reason, I will not work with just anyone. There's a basic application form I require to help us both save time and energy. The goal is for you to feel comfortable and confident with me, since we may end up spending a lot of time together in the coming months!

If you're interested in working with my team and me, it's imperative that you submit an application TODAY. My current wait list for smaller, ongoing content projects opens in March, and larger projects are booking through April-June, depending on the size. 

sound good. In your own voice.

Questions? Email me!

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